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 The Grove of Lovers

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PostSubject: The Grove of Lovers   Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:12 pm

A small clearing in the forest that is hidden to most people except the campers. The trees tower a few hundred feet into the air which creates the image of a heart on the ground using the sun as it's source of light. Every time the trees sway, the heart looks like it is beating and it looks alive. There are flowers scattered across the ground, a few bushes and shrubs, a few stumps from trees being cut down, and a tree that is said to bring any couple together if they engrave their names into the tree. Single men or women can engrave their names with someone whom they wish to get with and it is said that the person they engraved along with their own would sooner or later fall in love, like it was fate or like star-crossed lovers.
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The Grove of Lovers
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